Farewell, Florida Voices

Not long after I started this blog, I landed a gig as a columnist for a new startup website called Florida Voices. It was intended to be the kind of new-media venture that is supposed to represent the future of journalism. The idea was that in addition to aggregating op-ed content from papers around the state, it would also offer new, original content from columnists which would be available to newspapers that subscribed. Since all newspapers have cut way back on editorial opinion staffs, and are therefore clamoring for content, this would be a way for them to have good, state-oriented content for a modest price.

Yeah, guess what. Newspapers didn’t have the money even for the modest price of a subscription. The editor, Rosemary Goudreau, and publisher, Rosemary Curtiss, kept it going for about 18 months before finally throwing in the towel.

There are some lessons that newspapers are learning about the current state of the media, one of them being that the Internet, far from being the salvation of for-profit journalism, continues to be the dragon that cannot be ignored or tamed. Advertising revenues on the print side still show no sign of firming up, leaving the whole situation in doubt.

In any event, I have transferred almost all of the columns I wrote for Florida Voices to this blog, so the body of work — for what it’s worth — won’t be lost. Feel free to peruse back through the archives.

Now, it seems, I’ll be returning to regular blogging here. I’ll try to set up a Facebook account and Twitter feed for What I Have Written, but for now, if you’re a personal FB friend or Twitter follower (@carywriter), I’ll notify you of new posts that way.


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